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Top Sectors For Jobs In Dubai?

Dubai has one of the largest recruiter of skilled and diverse human resources from all over the world. It has attracted lots of business tycoons by providing valuable opportunities to do their business in Dubai. The size of the job market is huge and a job seeker can expect multiple opportunities to work in the different sectors in the Dubai. The Dubai Government is also spending lots of budget on the mega projects related to construction, telecom sector, and health care and for the welfare of the people.

Construction & Real Estate

The construction sector has the major chunk in the contribution of the job market in the Dubai. One of the reasons for massive job opportunities in the construction sector is continuously government’s spending in the sector and contribution of private ventures in the every bosoming Dubai market. Every year, billions of investment are made in this sector only. This job sector brings wonderful opportunities for civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers. Due to the globalization of business and better living facilities, lots of people are settling in the Dubai. This led to a gradual increase in the demand for new homes and sky high buildings. The Government of Dubai has further facilitated the growth in the construction sector by introducing business oriented policies. The real estate business is flourishing in Dubai day to day because it has become one of the safest and calm places to live in. The facilities offered by the Government of Dubai to the foreigners and citizens have attracted lots of people to come and live in Dubai. So, the increase in relocation of the people in Dubai has emerged as an opportunity for the real estate business.

Communication & Telecom

The Dubai has become a popular tourist as well as living destinations for the foreigners. Every year, millions of foreigners travel to Dubai for tourism and business. This trend has created a lot of space in the telecommunication sector in the Dubai. People need a modern communication system and telecom facilities to get connected to the rest of the world. Therefore, lots of private companies are investing billions of funds in the communication sector due to a huge positional for return and growth in the telecommunication sector of Dubai.

Technology Sector

The information technology sector is expected to grow with a healthy rate in the coming years in the Dubai. Therefore, it offers a huge potential for the job seekers to get high paying jobs in Dubai. Most of the major business players are moving towards e-governance and operating online, so this makes the information technology sector a lucrative option to get a job in the Dubai. Most of the companies in the Dubai are using ERP and SAP to ensure smooth business operations. So, this has given a boost to the information technology sector in Dubai.

According to the job index ratio of Government of Dubai, the market has still lots of potential and expanding with a constant growth rate.

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