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Top 07 Scholarships In UK For International Students?

The United Kingdom is one of the best places for the students to study. Numerous universities are offering scholarships for the international students in the United Kingdom. Most of these scholarships are offered to the students who have excellent academic scores and great achievements. These universities, in the UK are offering a variety of courses at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level programs for the students. However, the number of scholarships offered by each university is the UK is limited and there is tough competition between the students to qualify for the scholarships.

Check out some of the best universities in the UK that offers scholarships in the UK:

Newcastle University, UK

The Newcastle University has offered need based scholarships to the students who don’t have enough resources to continue for higher studies and have exceptional grading in their academic record. The University of Newcastle offers scholarships for masters and postgraduate level programs for the students. The university awards scholarship up to £3000 to all the students for the year.

University of Essex, UK

The University of Essex, UK, has announced scholarships for the international students for graduate level courses. However, the university only covers 50% tuition fee as the scholarships to the selected students with top grading and falls on the merit of the university. All the students from developing countries can apply for the scholarships at university of Essex, UK.

Coventry University, UK

The Coventry University has announced an international student scholarships for undergraduate and graduate level programs in the UK. The scholarship targets the students in social sciences, health and engineering courses to the students belonging to Bangladesh, India, Pakista, Philippine and China. This scholarship award £1500-£2000 per year for the scholarships.

University of Gloucestershire, UK

It is one of the best universities in the world. The Gloucestershire University offers various scholarships for the international students. MBA is one of the famous and internationally recognized course for masters level programs at the university. The Gloucestershire university offers £2000 for the scholarship to all students.

Richmond University, UK

The Richmond University has announced scholarships for the students on the merit and to the needy students. Students can enroll in a variety of programs at the Richmond university. The university aims to offer scholarships for the financial assistance to the students. However, students need to have a bright academic history and should qualify the entry test of the Richmond University, UK. The student studying in the Richmond University can get a waiver in the tuition fee for £2000 per year.

Queens University

The Queens University of England has announced scholarships for the international students in the undergraduate programs. There are only 5 scholarships available at the university for the international students in each course. The students are provided with fully funded scholarship at the Queens University. The university offers a variety of courses to students including health, medicine, agriculture, technology and engineering related courses.

University of Lincoln, UK

The university of Lincoln has announced scholarships for the international students in social science subjects at both graduate and postgraduate levels. The University of Lincoln offers 20% waiver in the tuition fee of all the eligible candidates. However, the scholarships are awarded to the students seeking admissions for the full time courses.

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