UK Visas

Tier 4 – Child Student Visa

Students between the age of 4 and 17 years can apply for the child student visa for the study in the UK. In order to apply for the student to the child student visa, following conditions should be met by all the students:


  • The students must be placed at any university in the United Kingdom.
  • The students must have the consent of the parents to study and travel to the United Kingdom.
  • All the students should have sufficient financial support to cover the fees and able to meet all of their living expenses.
  • Students should also meet all the requirements to be eligible for the student visa.

How Long It Does Take?

In order to apply for the visa, a student must submit his documents to the embassy at least 3 months before, he wishes to travel to the United Kingdom. However, it takes almost 3 weeks to apply for the visa.

How Much It Takes To Apply?

It costs almost £310 to apply for the Tier 4 student visa to all the foreigner students.

How Long You Can Stay On Tier 4 Visa

The applicant’s age is considered on the duration of your stay on the tier 4 student visa. If a student is within 16 years of age, then he can stay for the course up to 6 years. However, students with 17 years of age can stay up to 3 years. In both the cases, the students are allowed to stay 4 months after the expiration of the visa. On both types of the visa, a student can arrive inthe UKfor a week before his course starts.

Things You Can Do On Tier 4 Visa

On the Tier 4 Visa, you can study any independent school in the UK. You can apply for the UK visa from inside and outside the UK. You can extend your visa at the Tier 4 student visa. On the Tier 4 Student Visa, the students can work up to 10 hours a week and full time for the holidays.

Things You Can’t Do On Tier 4 Visa

The students cannot study at the public university on the Tier 4 visa. You can't take any loan from any bank on the Tier 4 visa. Being a student on this visa, you can start any kind of business in the UK or can't do the full time job in this category of the visa. You can't work as a doctor on the student visa. On the tier 4 student visa, you can't settle permanently in the United Kingdom. Students can’t even bring your family members to the UK on this visa.

Documents Needed To Apply for Visa

Students can apply for the Tier 4 Student Visa:

  • A passport size snap is required of all the students looking to apply for a Tier 4 visa.
  • Valid passport with the proof of admission in the university or college.
  • A financial statement for the proof of the payment to get UK visa.

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