Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This is a website developed to impart knowledge to the users about the variety of visa types and gives a free assessment to the visitors to check for their eligibility. We don’t deal with money in any way and never engage in any kind of trade through this website. If you are using this website, then you must accept to our terms and conditions. The purpose of this site has been just and just spreading information about UK visas, their types, how to apply, eligibility of candidates and documents required to apply for the visa. Don’t use this information for any other purpose and ensure compliance with these terms before using any of the content of this website.

Level of Service

We are providing free assessment to the visitors who intend to travel to the UK on various visa categories for study or for the job. Our assessment is entirely based on the criteria laid down by the British Embassy and we don’t represent or involved in any kind of visa processing activity. This assessment is given an idea to the applicant whether he meets the basic requirements to apply for the visa or not. Apart from this service, we have shared useful resources to increase the knowledge of our visitors and take this information for their guidance only.


All the content and material publish to our website is our property and is protected under the copyright acts. The breach or misuse of this copyright can result in serious legal actions. We are the sole owner of this content and anyone needs our permission to use the same for any other purpose. The copyright material includes images, text, design, programming and layout of the whole website. We reserve the right to report a violation of our copyright to the Google and according to the Google policies, the infringement of copyright can result in the following penalties:

  • It can lead to the blacklist of websites.
  • It can result in loss of search engine results.
  • The copyright violations can also result in the ban of Adsense account.


All the users are requested to please follow the below guidelines before posting their comment on any page / post on the website:

  • The use of comments for spamming is strictly prohibited and can lead to the ban from this website.
  • The users are not allowed to place their link or ads in the comments for the malicious intentions.
  • Don’t use any type of hyperlink to this website.
  • Use of keywords for the back link is strictly prohibited.
  • Any activity that involves the direct or indirect help in the diversion of traffic.
  • The comment will be blocked if they contain hate speech, violence and pornography.