UK Visas

Student Visitor Visa

The student visitor visa is among one of the types of visa offered to the students in the UK. Students can travel to the UK on the visitor visa if they meet the requirements and conditions of the embassy. This suits best to the students who intends to study in England for a short period of time. The visa allows students to enroll in short courses. Other than meeting the eligibility conditions laid down by the university, students shouldn’t belong to the European Economic Area and nationals of the Switzerland. A student could start a short course, training or participate in an English language course on the student visa.


  • A student must be over 18 years of age to be eligible for the study.
  • A student must be accepted by the university or college with an unconditional offer to study.
  • All the students who are looking for the admissions in the short courses at UK should have adequate resources to meet their education, living and travelling costs.
  • Being a student, you should be able to pay for your return tickets.

What You Can’t Do On Student Visitor Visa

  • On the visitor visa, you can’t study in any state school.
  • You are not allowed to work in any condition while staying on the visitor visa.
  • You can’t start any kind of business in the UK.
  • Being a student, you can’t marry or start a civil partnership in the UK.
  • You can’t travel to the UK for the medical treatment on the student visitor visa.
  • On the student visitor visa, you are not allowed to bring any of your relatives to the UK including blood relatives and siblings. They must have applied properly for the separate visa.

How Long You Can Stay On Visitor Visa?

  • On the very basic short course or an English language course, a student can stay for the 06 months.
  • For the long course including language course, students are allowed to extend their visa up to 11 months on the visitor visa.

What It Costs To Apply For Student Visitor Visa?

  • For the six months visa, it takes around £83 for the student visa.
  • For the extended visa for 11 months, the student visa takes £150 as a onetime fee from the students.

How Long it Will Take to Apply for Visa

The application process varies due to high volumes of application, but a standard visa application at least takes 3 months to apply before the data of departure.

Documents Required To Apply For Visa

  • A student needs to have a valid passport to travel to the UK.
  • A passport sized photograph with blue background is required.
  • You should provide an evidence to support your expenses and should include all your bank documents with the application.
  • Your accommodation plan should be included in the documents which will be considered by the Embassy later on.
  • The most important, a document for acceptance of admission in the university.

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