Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is recommended to use our privacy policy carefully, if you want to use our website. Feel free to contact us about the information provided on this website, using this website and methods of assessment we use to for online assessment of applicants.

Use of Information

We don’t store or collect any personalized information about our clients that is provided to us in any way. All the information or queries submitted to our website enable us only to provide better immigration information to the clients.

How We Assess Online

We use a detailed questionnaire to assess the eligibility of applicant for different types of visa programs and use the user’s submitted information, facts, and requirements of visa category to conclude about the eligibility or non-eligibility of candidates for various visa programs. The users can submit their information through filling an online form with the personal information of the applicants. However, we don’t store any personal information about the applicants for visa assessment.

Information Regarding Free Courses

Our website has some links and names of universities offering different courses for the students for the purpose of information and guidance only. However, we are not responsible for the accuracy or privacy of any of these sites or courses. Thus, make sure you read our privacy policy from time to time; we may update or change the privacy policy of our website. This privacy policy is drafted to use the information provided on our website only.


We don’t share any of our client’s information to any third party for any purpose. We just use the client’s information for the purpose of assessment, which is mostly done by the experience members of our website.


Currently, we are not using any cookies to store on the visitor’s computer for any purpose. We may inform you in the future if we use any cookies through our privacy page. It is advised to please visit our website from time to time.